Doggy Love

It is hard to describe my love for dogs, I grew up with one who went on every posting with us. She was my one constant, my companion and my best friend. She was irreplaceable.

When my husband and I could finally get a dog, we did. We fell in love, and got the most hilarious, dirty, matted poopy dog you could imagine. We brought her home, cleaned her up, and began to train her. About 2 months after we brought her home, we discovered I was pregnant, after being told, I couldn’t have kids. This little furry dog, was our good luck.

I was excited to have a dog and a child grow up together. From their first introduction, the furry girl was totally in love with our baby boy. She would sit by his door, lay beside him on the floor. I would come out into the living room of our small flat in the middle of the night, put on the t.v and watch a show while nursing, our dog would appear and beg to get up on my lap, both my dog and my child would fall asleep and soon I would drift off.

Their relationship has always gone this way, very sweet, and loving. A month ago, shortly after being identified as being gifted, my son began to wake in the night, wired, needing me, needing lots of questions to be answered. He began to wash his hands constantly, afraid of touching his dog, for fear of germs. My heart broke. For a month, I have been sleep deprived, searching for ways to calm his brain.

At 4am this morning, I told him, what happens if you don’t touch things?

He replied “nothing, I don’t get sick.”

I looked at him, and said no “you lose happiness. If you don’t touch, you lose feeling, and if you lose feeling, you stop being happy.”

Tonight, I put him to bed, he gave me a hug, went over to our dog, tucked her into her blanket, and then curled up to sleep with her.

He fell asleep for the first time, wrapped around her. She hasn’t moved, she just kept kissing him, knowing that she was needed. I have never been more grateful for the unconditional love of a dog, than at that moment.

He missed his dog, but couldn’t intellectually wrap his head around the germs. I guess the idea of losing happiness changed his opinion of touching his own dog. As I type, my son is on her dog bed, both are wrapped in a blanket, and our dog has a look of complete content, she has the love of her life back.

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