Emergency Essentials for Every Diplomatic Drawer

For everyone who needs to learn every way to tie a scarf:



That moment when you hear the riiiiiiip, you attempt to discretely move as quickly as possible to the bathroom to check just how bad the rip is…

There are several things one should always keep on hand in when working as a Diplomat.

  1. Safety pins (one can never have too many of those on hand)
  2. Floss
  3. Fresh t-shirt in the drawer
  4. massive scarf

It was a pretty warm day out, and I decided to break out a new pair of suit pants, and when I say new, I mean they were 2 days old. They were not tight by any means, i had plenty of room to move around. The looked great with my button down and heels, perfect summer work outfit.

I was running around from one meeting to another, from one end of the building to another. In my quick paced walking I tripped and dropped my books. As I bent down to grab them, I heard it, a quick and loud riiiip. I quickly got up, looked around to see if anyone noticed. I excused myself as quickly as possible to go to the washroom. The seam from the fly all the way to the waist band had given out. I was in a panic. I had to go into a meeting, no way around that. luckily I had my black pashmina with me. I quickly tied it around my waist like a sarong, covering my exposed rear end. Luckily enough, no one seemed to notice my new look. Shortly after the meeting, I ran out of the building and got to the nearest store to buy a new pair of pants. Emergency diverted.

3 weeks after the pants incident. I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business. I got up to stretch my legs and get some water before heading to another meeting. As I was filling up my water bottle, I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked down, and 3 buttons had poped off my shirt, exposing my very fair skin and a sad-looking skin coloured bra. I panicked. held my shirt together with my hands, and ran to my desk. I couldn’t find anything to hold my shirt together. I ran to one of the assistants, she always seemed to have emergency supplies. She had nothing. I ran from one desk to another, frantically attempting to find someone with a safety-pin. I finally found one, but only after I had been running up and down the halls clutching my shirt together. I safety pinned that shirt back together, threw on the pashmina to hide the glints of silver shining through my shirt. I managed to make it to the store to buy a backup t-shirt and a box of safety pins.

So you see, there are a few essentials beyond needing a flast of alcohol in your drawer!


Dip Kid

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