I was good at forgetting the past, shaking off what I didn’t want to remember. I just couldn’t shake this, I stood paralysed, not knowing what to do. I stared at him through the glass. I never thought I would end up seeing him, I had so carefully filed these memories away.

I stood frozen, frozen between universes. One I had blocked out, and another that was my reality.

We always ended up sitting on the couch, watching a movie on a Friday night while our parents were out. We would raid the fridge, eat all the cake my cook would leave out, and then fall asleep innocently on the couch.

Each laying on the other side, in a sweet slumber. We were always happier being lonely together, neither of us had siblings that lived at home, and our parents were doing their duty. It was always hard, but we had each other. These intimate and innocent nights sometimes seemed endless, our friendship was well-known, but no one knew just how deep it was. Our parents best friends, we were best friends, we were all far away from home, our families spent every holiday together, every birthday together, and then there were those lonely nights.

No one could ever understand what it was like, coming home to a massive empty house, sure, there was staff, just no parents. At 5, my Father would appear, greet our dog, and rush upstairs so he would be ready at 5:30 so he could sit with me while I ate dinner. At 6, William would appear, dropped off by his parents driver.

It was my last year on posting, it was my sweet 16 year. William and I had a bucket list, places we would see, things we were going to do in the Philippines.


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