Fish Eggs

It is all about food, is it not? When you move around all the time, you learn a great deal about your own taste buds. The number 1 rule in my house growing up was “You have to try everything once, before declaring your dislike of something”.

At the age of 10, we were all invited to go to a fancy shmancy restaurant. Our hosts, a big wig with a long history of political involvement, which meant: we had to be on our perfect behaviour. My parents had a food rule, we had to try everything before declaring we hated it, and when someone else is footing the bill, like it, eat it, and not say a word.

We were first ushered into the restaurant, we were brought to the back, and brought to a room decorated in red and gold, with a single table in the middle of the room.

Spices, oil and fish hung in the air, I started to feel ill immediately. I hated seafood, and never ate meat. This was not going to be a good mix.

We took our seats and ordered drinks while the discussion of politics took over. The first dish came out, the see through dish was filled with shrimp, still squirming¬†and moving, until the waiter come over to pour alcohol over the shrimp on high heat. The shrimp screamed, and then stopped moving. I quickly ran to the washroom (yes, there is a running theme of washrooms on this blog), and threw up. I knew from the look on my Mother and Father’s face that I had to try it, but it was disgusting looking.

By the time the second round came around, I sat staring at a bowl of very blood-red liquid with white round little balls floating on the top. The smell was pungent, it hit my nostrils so quickly, too quickly, my stomach started to churn. I knew my butt had to stay glued to the chair, but my face must have clued everyone into how I felt. I tried to cover it up, and smile. I took a bite, the taste was worse than the smell. At that point, I had no idea what it was, but it was awful.

I had to rush to the washroom again, and throw up. It turned out, the white round balls were fish eggs, in a strange soup. For a 10-year-old vegetarian, it was just about the worse thing I could have tasted.

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