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I am remembering something my Father said long ago, he told me to never gossip, he said it was small of me, and believed that our IQ went down every time you did it. I of course, did not listen to him.

As a headstrong teenager, I wasn’t exactly thinking what I was doing was wrong, you just get sucked into it. Then at some point, you realize that every conversation you have is about others, not about events, books, traveling, or even dreams. Then it hit me, what my Father meant, you just become small.

So, these 2 quotes remind me everyday to be a great mind.

Inspirational Quote

Inspirational quote

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3 thoughts on “Friday Quote”

  1. It can’t be avoided in some instances, but I remember being a child once and hearing of “prayer meetings” where it seemed that the subject matter was too much about who’s child was smoking, who’s husband wasn’t attending church regularly, who needed to work on tithing better. It’s a small-minded, sneaking way of gossiping, I believe

    1. What is a “prayer meeting”? That is interesting, I think churches were once social places, I can see how it could lead to chatting about others a little too much.

      1. A prayer meeting is where women, who are primarily the carriers of the church, get together and bring issues together before God. We believe that there is more power in prayer when more than one true believer bands together that way. The problem is that sometimes people aren’t tactful and tell more than is absolutely necessary, and it becomes gossip.

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