Gilmore Girls

O.K is anyone else excited about this? I wanted and still want to live in Stars Hallow…the banter, the copious amounts of coffee… so, while everyone else in the world is getting their Turkey on, or getting ready for Christmas. I will be busy ignoring e-mails, phone calls, and sitting under a blanket with a cup of coffee watching the magic of Gilmore Girls once again. Life will be good in November!

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8 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls”

  1. Firstly thank you this was my first time watching the new trailer, I did actually scream when I saw Mellisa Mccarthy , and secondly yes yes yes to everything you said , I too will be cut off from the world for the 6 hours that it will take me to watch all the episodes.

    1. I don’t get excited for that many movies or shows, but when this was announced, I became a kid, I was just too excited. I am so happy the whole team is back together!

    1. I really is the best show ever! I think it will be fantastic because Amy Sherman-Palladino is back, which means she will make up for the way the show ended!

  2. Literally can’t wait!!! Just finished watching all seasons with my mom (forced my dad to watch too, and he secretly loved it).We also took a road trip to a Connecticut town like Stars Hollow.

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