When I started this blog, I was fortunate to have saved every journal in my life. Which has guided my pieces on experiences in my past. Since I was a kid, I have journaled, chronicling the happy times, the culture shock and the crazy travels. I think it is important to journal, and to be able to look back at what you have learned and done.

I keep various journals for different things, I love keeping a gratitude journal, I wish I had learned the simple act of gratitude while growing up. Finding gratitude in all the small things, has made me appreciate just how wonderful the life I have been given really is.  These 25 prompts are fantastic to get you started via:


Most people have a hard time putting feelings or thoughts down on paper, but here is a blogger who has developed printible prompts for every month, what a great idea! Via


I of course keep a travel journal. For every trip, I have a small book that talks about what I saw, what I learned, what I ate, and my feelings. Here is a great prompt for Travel Journaling via

travel journal

Have fun journaling!

Dip Kid

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