Learning to Live with Roots

What a strange and odd feeling, to stay in one place, and raise a child in one city. I have no idea how to react to things on the playground, to other Mother’s, to wrap my head around the nuances, the feeling, oh the feelings!

Having been raised everywhere, and feel like I am from everywhere but nowhere, it is the culture shock of culture shocks to realize, I am raising a full Canadian child, and I am living in the same place after 3 years. My first instinct is to run, pack up and find somewhere new to live, but the other half is rather curious about this cultural experience. How does one live with roots? How does one raise a child in a world that frankly, as a parent, is bizarre and unknown?

I don’t know what to think of these new feelings. My husband finds it humourous, watching me flail around, not sure what to do with myself, and ask questions. I don’t understand hockey, or being a hockey Mom, I don’t understand the need to have big birthday parties outside of the house… the newness is confusing to me, obscure in every way.

So, maybe, just maybe, I will figure out this new culture around me, and feel comfortable planting roots. Who knows, miracles do happen.

Still writing my book, just acknowledging this new world I have encountered!

Dip Kid

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