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I am not sure why, buy my 6-year-old has to work on presentations, yes, they even get graded. Trying to get a 6-year-old to stand for 2 minutes and discuss a well rehearsed presentation, eyes to the audience, standing up straight, is more difficult than herding cats.

I have gotten a lot of complaints, crying, and have been told he needs no practice. So, I decided to let him watch the Trump and Hillary debate last night, and tell me what he thought about rehearsing.

These are his comments:

“Mummy, is this stand up comedy?”

“That nice lady isn’t getting angry, she must had meditated.”

After explaining this was a presidential debate, and the person who wins the election will lead the country.

“That man needs a time out, he is not being a good sport.”

“Mummy, can we watch Paw Patrol now, that man did not practice, I don’t want to watch anymore.”

We decided to turn it off and read Harry Potter.

Dip Kid

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