I am switching things up today, and sharing a few photos one of my favourite places in the world. This is Maduradam in the Netherlands. It is a miniature village, nestled in the Hague. We visit this little attraction every single time we head to the Netherlands. It is absolutely brilliant, and magical.


There are mini canals, with boats moving through them, as well as parked cars and bicycles.


There is a whole miniature airport, the planes move along the runway or get parked at the terminals.


There are much bigger model boats that are spectacular.


there is even a highway that runs through part of the town.



It can’t be complete without a fantastic carnival going on with music and a roller coaster that actually moves.


A short bus ride from the main train station. It is easy to get to and well worth the visit. The inside has a massive playground, as well as a great restaurant, and picnic area.

Happy travels.

Dip Kid


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