“I have always wondered how I am going to die, and now I know.”

Death is inevitable, some of us have been near it, have suffered the grief from it, and wonder when we will be faced with it again, or how it will happen.

Meru the mountain that left 3 climbers haunted, needing and wanting to conquer it.

There are very few documentaries that have left me feeling so many emotions, that I have been left unable to sleep, completely inspired, and left in awe of the people and the place that I am learning about.

Never in anything else do you need the amount of trust and faith in your partner as you would in climbing. The deep connection, the loyalty, and the gratitude you have for that partner, is unparalleled.

The only word I kept saying over and over, was “wow”. If you get a chance to watch it, do, I rented it on Itunes, watched it 3 times in 24hrs.


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