Oh Christmas tree

Having moved around so much, I didn’t really understand how different my Christmases had been until we moved back to my birth country, and had a friend over.

It turns out, not everyone grows up with a 1946 artificial Christmas tree, that is so beyond old, and crooked, that it actually needed to be tethered to the ceiling to keep it from falling down!

Since my parents first posting was to Africa in the 60’s, my Great Aunt gifted them her old tree that she and my Great Uncle had purchased for their first flat in London after the war. As you can imagine, there weren’t any real tree’s readily available after the war, so they splurged and bought an artificial one.

This poor tree ended up being used until the golden age of 2003, when the needles finally fell off, and the base broke in half. It had become such a huge part of our crazy Christmases over the years, that we had a bit of a mourning period for it.

Our Christmas tree and all it’s decorations were such a big deal for us, as it had remained a constant in countries where they didn’t celebrate Christmas, to tropical countries where there were no trees, to coming to our native country and having extended family come over.

To this day, Christmas with all of its hoop la, still makes me happy, and so does a tree full of crazy decorations!

Look at this one via


Or this one via

Christmas tree

Or this fabulous one that reminds me of Dr. Seuss via

Christmas Tree

Personally, I love having decorations that have stories to them. Every year I pick one up, the year that I was pregnant, I bought 2 turtle doves and an egg decoration. So every year there is a significance to the decoration I pick out.

Do you celebrate Christmas? What is on your tree?

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