I never really felt connected to my country of birth, even though my father represented it. Having spent absolutely no time in the country growing up, how was I supposed to feel Canadian, it was almost impossible. When the Olympics rolled around, we didn’t exactly have the internet back then, or satellite to get any of the feeds, but for the the 2 weeks of Olympics, time stood still. We would rearrange schedules, watch at all hours of the night, sometimes go to other embassies to watch on the big screen.

There are 3 moments of summer olympics that I remember vividly.

If you were Canadian, living abroad, this olympic moment simply made you cry. Donovan Bailey’s 1996 win. My Father had passed away shortly before the opening of the olympics, and I remember being completely out of it, except when I watched this win. I remembered the sound of Ottawa, it was electric.


Silken Laumann – rower and athlete extraordinaire. She never won a Gold, but her bronze medal brought more admiration and joy from Canadians than a gold. If you don’t know her story, and the horrible accident she had before the 1992 olympics, just watch the video below. Just remember, she severed EVERY. SINGLE. MUSCLE in her right thigh only 2 months before the olympics.

Simon Whitfield Sydney 2000 Triathaolon – This was beyond an incredible moment!

I haven’t watched anything live yet, it just seems like life doesn’t stay still for the Olympics the way it used to.


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