Once One, Always One

A couple of readers have e-mailed me, and expressed why I still identify with being a Diplomatic Kid or 3rd Culture Kid. So I thought, I would share my feelings on this.

I might be an adult, but my life, until I was 20, was shaped by my Father’s vocation (it wasn’t just a career, but a calling). I moved essentially, every 3 years, lived in 6 different countries, on 3 different continents. I lived through not only the trauma of the moves themselves, but I lived through some of the most incredible coup attempts, civil movements, and cultural revolutions.

I have lived with PTSD, suffered attachment disorders, and have come through it all with a perspective that, once you were born and raised in this strange world of the diplomatic life, you can never shake it, you can never identify in any other way. I am from everywhere, and nowhere.

So, to give it a better perspective. After my Father passed away, I spent years trying to run away from my past, and pretend it never happened. Until, I joined Foreign Affairs, and went back into the fold that I knew all too well. When I walked away from that unhappy career, I realized, that much of my life, and those that have been raised in this strange world, has never been told, and seems to be very much misunderstood.

I am hoping in some odd way, I can share true experiences from all side with a side of humour. I just wanted to share my story, and my perspective.

Dip Kid

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