First Ambassador

The moment you find out you will be posted, there is a period of secrecy. You aren’t supposed to tell anyone until it is announced publicly by the government, especially when it is an appointment to be an ambassador. I was young, and happy to be living where we were, but it would all change. We knew before Christmas of

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5 New Travel Bags

Does anyone else have an obsession with bags and everything travel? Everytime I find a new bag, I have to book mark it, or pin it. Here are 5 new bags, and cool things to keep organized while traveling. The removable purse pouch, absolute genius! Via Via Via Via Via

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When Dove’s Cry

I have mentioned this so many times, but it really is true music played an instrumental part of my life. I can listen to specific songs and they bring me back to a specific time in my life, like anthems. I was, am and always will be, a huge Prince fan. I am beyond shocked that this gifted musician has

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I was 10, we were on a new posting, and my Father had just become an Ambassador. I didn’t understand what it was, or what he did, nor did I care. It was just another move, another school, new friends, new country and new language. I was having an incredibly difficult time adjusting to school, and culture shock had taken

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First Dance

Every single move, and every single school formed very specific memories in my head. My grade 5 and 6 years were horribly lonely. I made no friends, and was severely bullied. Bullied to the point that my brother, who was in grade 12, would come down to my classroom every brake, just to make sure I had someone to sit

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The Airplane Lapdance

At one point, I was traveling once a month, and it was not exactly enjoyable. You usually miss 2 weekends, you don’t get paid to travel, it is just part of your job. I sat down in my usual seat to head to Paris. A very nice young French guy sat next to me. I was relieved he wasn’t a

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