Rumour Mill

It is deadly, can break up a family, or hurt a career. I was always acutely aware of the rumour mill within the department. Growing up, the hallways were thick with chatter, lies or over exaggerations. There was nowhere to turn. The department had 2 physiologists on hand for anyone to go talk to, but guess what, they were the

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Foreign Affairs

Serenade who?

Photo via Every wedding is like a roller coaster, trying to organize one with everyone’s egos attached is kind a like being the ring master in circus of all animals. My Mother had this vision that since she had put together so many diplomatic affairs, that some how, she knew best. I guess her memories of her panicking in a

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Check the O.R

This lingo gets confusing. In Diplomatic speak, O.R is the official residence. The official residence is where the Ambassador lives, and many aspire to finally step foot in these monstrous houses. Except me, I know better. We arrived, with a 14 hour difference, I was about to turn 10, we were finally reunited. My Father had gone ahead to the

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It struck me, just how unbelievably lucky I am to have been born in a Western country, a country in which I can change my own circumstance if I wished. A few days ago, I was listening to a couple of older gentleman at the gym complain, complain there were no jobs for their kids, that there was nothing for

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I was home alone, which was always the case since we moved back to our home base. Mum worked, and of course so did Dad. It was always me and my dog after school. My Father routinely called at exactly 3:30pm to check in. We would chat quickly about my day, and what I have eaten, and what time he

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