Pool Floats

O.K. this is just me dreaming of lounging in a pool with a sense of humour. All can be found on Amazon.

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5 Things I Learned from My Diplomatic Father

There are so many life lessons that I learned growing up abroad, it was not an easy life, nor was it a life I would recommend for everyone, but it was my life, and I don’t know any differently. To describe my parents, would be to define them by their outward appearances, which was in all practicality, square, and very

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5 Steps Before Traveling with a Little One

There aren’t that many places on this earth I wouldn’t explore by myself, but it is a whole other decision with my child. I look at 5 different things before picking a destination. 1.Always check travel advisories, each country issues out a wealth of info about other countries, whether it is on State Department, Foreign Affairs, or Foreign Office, there

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left out

2 years of my life, 2 years pretending I liked being there, 2 years pretending that my very WASP looking exterior fit into this WASP school. I tried, I tried with every ounce of my fibre. It was all coming to a close. I had tried to become the person the school wanted me to be, but it was no

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This is always a weird subject matter to bring up, but lets just do it anyway. If you look at someone in my Mother’s generation, she would point out that with diplomacy, comes great status. My Father would have argued otherwise. My Mother relished in her new fake status of wife of, when my Father became Ambassador. She loved that

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