Shot at

I had never really talked about this, it was only last week that I broke down and told my husband this story. Like most weekends in Venezuela, you go to the beach with your friends. I was picked up by a group of friends, none went to the same school. My Father knew one as he was the son of

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Boarding School

I often get asked “why did you go to boarding school, and did you like it?” So, I guess that is a fair 2 part questions. So here is the story behind why I headed to boarding school, it kinda came down to one very close call, there were other close calls, but this one is the only reason my

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Raising a One Culture Kid

Every three years, I get itchy feet, I want to move. It is almost instinctive, the moment the itch comes, I am ready to pack some bags and head out the door for another city, or country. I would of course, not do that. I have a child to think about, and I have promised myself, I would not move

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Carpool Karaoke

Everytime James Corden posts one of these, I am laughing so hard I can feel my abs for days. Adele though, this one is the best one. Happy Friday everyone! Dip Kid

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