Don’t ask, Don’t tell

It is a funny thing, the business of keeping a secret, especially if it is yours. When my Father took his appointment of Ambassador for the second time, I swore, I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I just wanted people to like me for me, and not think about my Father’s position. So, when people asked what my Father did,

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Floor Transitions

After living in some pretty odd spaces over the years, I have become rather obsessed with interesting floor transitions. There is something simple, yet unique and artistic that can come with using different floor for spaces that are open. via Via Via Via

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Shot at

I had never really talked about this, it was only last week that I broke down and told my husband this story. Like most weekends in Venezuela, you go to the beach with your friends. I was picked up by a group of friends, none went to the same school. My Father knew one as he was the son of

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Boarding School

I often get asked “why did you go to boarding school, and did you like it?” So, I guess that is a fair 2 part questions. So here is the story behind why I headed to boarding school, it kinda came down to one very close call, there were other close calls, but this one is the only reason my

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Raising a One Culture Kid

Every three years, I get itchy feet, I want to move. It is almost instinctive, the moment the itch comes, I am ready to pack some bags and head out the door for another city, or country. I would of course, not do that. I have a child to think about, and I have promised myself, I would not move

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