Political Correctness

As a Diplomatic Kid, questioning your surroundings and the culture you were immersed with were a necessity, and they were always welcomed. As a Diplomat, asking questions without ever judging, was part of your job.

When I look at who we have become as a society in North America, I realize, we are no longer allowed to question anything, we have become so politically correct, that we no longer allow any dialogue. When I was a kid, my parents allowed me to explore every religion, if I was invited to a synagogue, or mosque, my parents encouraged me to go. They thought the more questions I asked, the more I would understand that we are all the same, no matter what our skin colour was, or what our religious beliefs are. My Father thought it was intellectually exploring the world, I wasn’t allowed to judge, but I was allowed to question.

My son’s best friend is Muslim, my son actually got into trouble for asking his best friend about taking a day of school for religious purposes. He was told he needed a time out. Now, I was horrified that he got a time out for an innocent question. I tore a strip off the teacher, as I thought there should never be a question off-limits, asking a question means you aren’t judging or being malicious in anyway. The teacher’s thought, was in fact, he shouldn’t be asking such a private question, as it is non of my son’s business. My son interpreted his time out as there was something wrong with his best friend and the religion he practices.

As a parent, I never want my son to believe that asking a question is negative, so I explained to him that his question was intelligent (he is 6). So I went to his best friend’s mother, and asked her to explain their religion and why they chose to pull their son out of school for the day. My son was delighted to have his question answered, and as it turns out, the Mother was delighted to be able to answer the question. She didn’t find it hateful, and loved that my son wanted to understand and embrace such an important aspect of their lives.

When did we become so sanctimonious and politically correct, that we have stopped allowing children to ask questions? When we do this, we are actually telling them that there is something wrong with the question, or their thoughts. When we stop dialogue, we are actually creating hate.

Just some random thoughts,

Diplomatic Kid

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