Raising a One Culture Kid

Every three years, I get itchy feet, I want to move. It is almost instinctive, the moment the itch comes, I am ready to pack some bags and head out the door for another city, or country. I would of course, not do that. I have a child to think about, and I have promised myself, I would not move again for his sake. Since birth, he has already moved 3 times since birth, it was only within our country, but still, it was enough. I vowed when we found this city, we would never move again.

It is a hard mental battle.  I struggle with understanding his life, he will be going to one school, he has all of his friends in one neighbourhood. He can ride and walk everywhere safely, he knows all the local businesses, every neighbour, and every dog.

In short, everyone will be watching him grow up. I love the idea of that, and in my heart, I have never wanted my very lonely life to be his. I have always wanted him to have a house to come back to, to go off to University, and come home to the same house. I never had that.

I watch him play with friends he will have for the rest of his life, and my heart swells, I have deep connections with a handful of friends, but it is not the same. I never lived in a place long enough to fight, make up and fight with my friends.

So, my very itchy feet, always feels planted as my son grows.

Dip Kid

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