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Every wedding is like a roller coaster, trying to organize one with everyone’s egos attached is kind a like being the ring master in circus of all animals.

My Mother had this vision that since she had put together so many diplomatic affairs, that some how, she knew best. I guess her memories of her panicking in a bathroom, hyperventilating and cursing, while tucked in the fetal position, for weeks leading up to any big event, escaped her memory. She never actually put a big party together from beginning to end, but she will never admit that.

My soon to be in-laws were completely hands off, but there were some dietary issues that we had to be concerned about.

So, the day of our wedding, everything was in place. I was just happy to get to the day. Our ceremony went well and so did the photos.

Then came dinner. The mariachis showed up just in time, they were going to serenade each table. I was thrilled. My Mother made a motion to go to the d.j table, I looked at her face and thought oh no.
I stopped her and asked her what she was doing. She said “Oh, I am going to dedicate the mariachi band to Mr. So and so, who was our ambassador to Mexico.”

Me “Sit down Mother, you will do no such thing.”

She looked at me with pursed lips and a raised eyebrow and said “dear, this is what I do, and I will do it.”

Me “this is my wedding, it is about me and my husband, not about you any Ass that you invited to my wedding, I paid for everything, you will sit down and behave.”

My Mother did sit down, she pretty much knew I trumped her. I decided to just drink off the incident. The next day though, I was pissed. I did corner her about it, and she claimed it was just one song she wanted to dedicate to him.

Now the man in question, I love/loved his wife. I couldn’t care less about him, he was an arse, but my childhood was filled with beautiful memories of his wife, and I wanted her to share in the day. Unfortunately, he was a part of the package. The man in question, is now 92, was a philandering jack ass, who had once attempted to kiss my Mother! A couple of years ago left the wife that I adored, for a woman who was 45!!! Yeah, it takes a while to digest that one.

My Mother now has no recollection of this incident.

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