Swimsuit Malfunction


Looking back at life abroad, the funniest moments have to do with bathingsuits… If you haven’t read the bikini, you might want to.

At the age of 11, while my brown skinned, brown eyed, and blackhaired girlfriends began to go through puberty; my very pale skinned self was no where near. I was flat as a pancake. My Mother, bless her heart, was still buying me full cut speedos, although it was very age appropriate, I thought I looked dorky. My friends were all wearing 2 pieces, and cute 1 pieces with speghetti straps, filling them out, and looking way older than they were.

I begged my Mother for a new suit, she thought it was rediculous, and told me “2 pieces were not going to happen any time soon.” I was horrified, thinking my Mother was being square and too conservative.  I kept at her though, my persistance was not getting me far. She told me point blank, that I was not a lounger, nor a sunbather, that the swimming suits I wanted, were fashionable, but not practical for actual swimming. I would prove her wrong. I thought to myself, I can lounge. Maybe if I lounge every time we are at the pool, she would finally change her mind. My jedi mind tricks never worked, I would sit for 10 minutes, then dive into the water, play volleyball, jump in and jump around. I couldn’t lounge…

Finally, the end of the school year approached, it was announced that our class was heading up to a cool place with a waterfall, and natural deep pools, as well as a restaurant in the water. I was pretty excited, I came home and demanded a new swimsuit. My mother raised an eyebrow chuckled and said “no”. I gave up, no point in arguing, she had made up her mind, and there was no changing it.

On the day of the trip, all the girls were excited to show off their swimsuits. I was feeling rather embarassed. While some had rhinestones and fringe, they were all wearing 2 pieces. My one piece was looking enormous, and plain. My girlfriends laughed at my one piece, commenting on how childish it was. I didn’t know how to reply, I was just embarrased.

Well, we arrived after an hour on the bus. The location was fantastic. We all ran to jump in the water, only, I was the only girl who jumped in. The rest of the girls sat, legs in, not moving too much. I didn’t care, I was enjoying running around and splashing. After 10 minutes, the rest of the girls got bored, and their 11 year old selves came out, jumping in and running around. As 3 girls ran in and jumped, 3 bathing suit tops floated to the top, and one girl got out not realizing she was missing a top. We all stopped, looked, I was horrified for them. The boys laughed, and pointed, and began calling them names like any 11 year old would.

By the end of the day. I had enjoyed myself, I was free from worrying about my bathing suit from falling off. The rest of the girls on the otherhand. Were completely, and utterly embarrased. and stayed on the sidelines for the rest of the day.

From that moment on, I thought my Mother was pretty wise!

Dip Kid

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