Taco’s at the Mule

O.K people, I just had the best dang food EVER. I am a wee bit obsessed with Mexican, for obvious cheesy and oily reasons, I don’t eat it very often, so when I do, I savor every single bite.

On a recent trip to Hamilton, Ontario. We decided to check out the Mule. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, we just thought, hey, they serve tacos. Our child will actually eat that. Let’s do it.

Tucked into a really cool part of Hamilton which in my opinion will be gentrified in about 10 years, but for now it is a mix of boarded up buildings, and hip restaurants and cool stores. It reminds me of what Old Montreal looked like before the tourists took over!

My big beef about most restaurant experiences in Canada, is bad service and the food all tastes the same no matter what you eat and where. Not so at the Mule.

I was surprised that we were greeted with a friendly, incredibly helpful waiter, he gave us the rundown of the Taco and Sunday brunch selection.

We opted to try both, I mean, why not, it is Sunday, our cheat day anyway.

The food arrived, and well, not only is it beautiful looking, but it was fresh and tasty! It isn’t traditional Mexican food obviously, it is a cool fusion. Which my arteries really appreciates, and my cooking skills haven’t been able to achieve with Mexican food yet!

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of each meal, as my son and husband started eating everything in sight!

If you travel to Hamilton Ontario, check out this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed!

Dip Kid


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