Serenade who?

Photo via Every wedding is like a roller coaster, trying to organize one with everyone’s egos attached is kind a like being the ring master in circus of all animals. My Mother had this vision that since she had put together so many diplomatic affairs, that some how, she knew best. I guess her memories …

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Hierarchy Nobody really likes to talk about it, it is a strange and complicated web. My Father joined the Foreign Service and set his sights on becoming the boss. As a kid, you don’t truly understand the intricacies of job titles or how it will impact you, but the first time my Father became Ambassador, I …

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In the strange world of Diplomacy, there are an amazing amount of titles. They go from the ridiculous to the insane. To an outsider, they are taken quite seriously, people are always afraid of not using the right title, and at what time. An Ambassador is called Excellency, rather archaic, as many Ambassador’s are not …

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