The Wall

He turned and said “Everything is different, Diplomacy will never be the same again.” My Father and I were sitting on the couch, watching the one symbol that summed up my Father’s career. The Berlin Wall. I watched grainy footage of various long lost family members embracing, crying, laughing, reuniting after an excruciating separation by …

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Continuing a road trip to visit beautiful parts of Ontario… This being streetsville, just a quick Gotrain ride away from downtown Toronto and you are in a whole other world of old world charm!     Please follow and like us:

Black Walls

Black walls, I have a little thing for paint. Years in crazy residences, with rather odd colour pallets and furnitures, I now love seeing what colour can do to a room. These black walls give an amazing, deep and rich room. If the walls were completely flat, I don’t think it would give the same …

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Casual Dining

        When I think about dining as a diplomat, I think of the most formal Victorian era decor, silver, bone china, and everything laid out formally. If anyone can guess, I pretty much detest dining this way, and veer towards a clean Scandinavian esthetic. I love simply, clean, slightly bohemian, and kid …

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