One of my first bosses once said “Every diplomat has  a dragon in the doorway, the key is to know which dragon is hanging out in the doorway.” I ignored it, not understanding what he was talking about. A year into working at Foreign Affairs, I had an Assistant Deputy Minister make a comment about …

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I wrote this a long time ago, and found it in my drafts… The recent media frenzy on 2 Canadian diplomatic boys have been haunting me. Most of us who have grown up as Dip kids are faced with the exact same impression “you are living a life of luxury.” or the diplomatic view, buck …

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Top 5

This weeks top 5 posts go to… The Art of Discipline Happiness The Airplane Lapdance The Truth 5 Travel Essentials Have a really great weekend everyone! Dip Kid Please follow and like us:


At some point during my youth, my parents thought it was a great idea to introduce the family to the great outdoors. My Mother had grown up with a cottage, and my Father, well, he grew up having had some pretty wild adventures. I guess they thought that we needed them too.  After 6 years …

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The Golden Arches

When your first 7 years of your life are either in a communist country, where food is scarce, or in a country where you are perpetually sick because it is so dirty, food is not exactly something you get excited about. After living in Mexico city for 3 years, and being sick with EVERYTHING, known …

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When I started this blog, I was fortunate to have saved every journal in my life. Which has guided my pieces on experiences in my past. Since I was a kid, I have journaled, chronicling the happy times, the culture shock and the crazy travels. I think it is important to journal, and to be able …

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I am switching things up today, and sharing a few photos one of my favourite places in the world. This is Maduradam in the Netherlands. It is a miniature village, nestled in the Hague. We visit this little attraction every single time we head to the Netherlands. It is absolutely brilliant, and magical. There are …

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