Port Colborne

It was a perfect day to pack a picnic and head out to a new town. We picked Port Colborne, a fantastic town just along lake Erie, and the historical Welland Canal. Port Colborne is North of St. Catharine’s, where St. Catharine’s in my opinion has very little charm, Port Colborne has charm and history coming …

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The end of summer is near, and I am reminded of times past. It used to be that as the summer drew to a close, I was always faced with a new country, new school and new language. The few summers I had not thinking about change, were spent visiting family. Visiting family in the …

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Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably one of the most stunning and alluring natural falls. The Canadian side is spectacular, the city however, is tacky, ugly, and can be skipped! We have been several times, but nothing amazed me more, than seeing it frozen! We saw it completely frozen over, visiting in the coldest of winters. It …

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