Full Circle

I am not sure why I decided to say yes, it had been a struggle to get my life back on track after my Father’s death, but there I was, in the building I named “the chocolate cake” when I was a kid. The ugliest building in architectural history, a ghastly chocolate-brown building, that looked …

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Phone Call

I can remember it was a cold early fall evening, my roommate and I were getting ready to go out. My roommate and I had been friends since 8th grade, we decided that since we got in the same University, but couldn’t live on campus, that we would move into an apartment off campus together. …

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The Breakdown

I came in the door, my Mother looked bug-eyed, her eyes sunken, like she had been hiking in the woods for years and had no sleep or food. Her dressing gown, the silk one, she had from China was tied neatly, her hair birding, like it usually did. It was midnight, the lights were all …

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I rarely talk about the details of this, this story will have to be in many parts. Two weeks into my first year University, my Father called. He broke the news that he was just diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer. My heart instantly shattered, my mind raced, and my breathing became erratic. …

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