It’s all about Doors

My obsession with doors continues, this time, vibrant and bright doors, making me imagine the lives and history behind each! For more door love, check out Door or Art, Doors and of course Door #3, Via Via Via via Please follow and like us:

Black Walls

Black walls, I have a little thing for paint. Years in crazy residences, with rather odd colour pallets and furnitures, I now love seeing what colour can do to a room. These black walls give an amazing, deep and rich room. If the walls were completely flat, I don’t think it would give the same …

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Pineapple Love

When you have lived in a tropical country for half your youth, you get kinda attached to the weirdest things. Mine seems to be the humble pineapple. I love eating them, but I also love them as decoration. Yeah, you might think I am a little odd, but I love them nonetheless! Via Via Via …

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Casual Dining

        When I think about dining as a diplomat, I think of the most formal Victorian era decor, silver, bone china, and everything laid out formally. If anyone can guess, I pretty much detest dining this way, and veer towards a clean Scandinavian esthetic. I love simply, clean, slightly bohemian, and kid …

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Ever since I was a kid, doors have been a slight obsession for me. There is something so beautiful, mysterious, and incredible about the outside, and usually a really good story on the inside. This is absolutely stunning, I even tried looking for it in Burano Italy Via   This is a view I wouldn’t mind …

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