PTSD and Diplomats

Growing up, PTSD wasn’t a thing, I mean, there were always random passing conversations about my Grandfather’s post war condition, and that he suffered from shell shock, but he dealt with it the same way other veterans did, by going to the local pub and drinking with his fellow air force cronies once a week. …

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10 Questions You Should Answer Before Joining the Foreign Service

I love asking former colleagues of my Father’s and mine the one question “Why did you become a Diplomat?” the answers have always varied, some are funny “I just thought I could meet more exotic women if I became a diplomat”, which always made me laugh, to “I wanted to be part of changing the …

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It’s hard to describe that feeling of not belonging. No matter how much you try, you don’t really fit  in with any tribe. I have tried, to find who I am, but the years of cold war spook conditioning isn’t easy to beat. My Father was a product of his time, he joined the service …

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Posting Season

While the rest of the population enjoys their summers, diplomats are typically packing and unpacking. I was recently reminded that friends and old colleagues are now moving their lives for their next great diplomatic posting adventure. Some are heading to Africa, or South America, and some are going to a different part of Europe. While …

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Diplomatic Immunity – it is one of the first things I hear every single time I tell someone about one of my childhood experiences “Well, if something goes wrong, you always have diplomatic immunity…” By the time I was 11, my Father had already started drilling into me the consequences of doing or carrying drugs …

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