I was 10, we were on a new posting, and my Father had just become an Ambassador. I didn’t understand what it was, or what he did, nor did I care. It was just another move, another school, new friends, new country and new language. I was having an incredibly difficult time adjusting to school, …

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This is always a weird subject matter to bring up, but lets just do it anyway. If you look at someone in my Mother’s generation, she would point out that with diplomacy, comes great status. My Father would have argued otherwise. My Mother relished in her new fake status of wife of, when my Father …

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The In-betweeners

All diplomats end up with a particular specialty, my Father specialized in destabilized countries, he thrived intellectually on the chaos, the politics, and the constant ups and downs of disasters and coup attempts. Westernized safe countries, were never an option. We would be thrown from a safe community in our native country, into a country …

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Cancer’s Prey

The strangest thing about having an ill parent, isn’t necessarily your anger towards the illness, but the way people treat you. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, you might want to here. During my Father’s first 5 months of his diagnosis. He had entered a new position, and was high up …

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Red Soles

The intricacies of dressing in the Diplomatic world, can be, and often are, bizarre. When you grow up in this strange world, your fashion sense (if you have one), wants to bust out and break dance, but we are talking about the most conservative of conservative dress codes, there is no breakout. I was always …

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