Cheese Platters

I am not sure what it is about Cheese, but you can’t seem to entertain without having a cheese platter, especially at christmas time! Here are some incredible platters and cheese pairing ideas. Via Via I love pairing dried fruits, nuts, and grapes. The pairings bring out the cheese cracker combo.   Via Via   …

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A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who will be celebrating tomorrow! Whether you are with family and friends, traveling, or posted abroad, may you have a wonderful day! Please follow and like us:

Fish Eggs

It is all about food, is it not? When you move around all the time, you learn a great deal about your own taste buds. The number 1 rule in my house growing up was “You have to try everything once, before declaring your dislike of something”. At the age of 10, we were all …

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An Apple

  “what are you eating? asked Patti “An apple” I replied “You are healthy” said Patti I shrugged it off. Ate my apple and ran to the bathroom. The water had been turned off, and the toilets were clogged. It was 2 days into my new school. I looked at my watch, 12:30, ugh, 2 …

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