Running Forward

  Moving around was never easy, it came with a lot of baggage and consequences. When people ask “where are you from? or what was your favourite country?” I feel like a whole host of conflicted feelings arise, and I never know how to shut down the conversation before it can even start, because once …

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Your Story

For the longest time, I hid the fact that I was a Diplomatic Kid, I was either embarrassed, or somehow people made me feel like I lived a life of privilege. I am here it say, not sure why I was ever embarrassed, as my Father is one of my hero’s, and I definitely didn’t …

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Today’s Inspiration

To everyone who is having a rough day, or even a rough week. Sometimes, you just have to find the positive during the darkest of days. I love surrounding myself with inspirational quotes, it is like getting a hug of positivity. Kinda my way of always keeping the positive. Please follow and like us:

The Day I Died

Yesterday, I posted about 5 Key Lessons I learned from my Father. The thing is, it was a few short years ago that I had that moment, that I remembered those lessons, and actually began to live them. I was told that the “surgery” was easy, a simple in and out procedure, I would only …

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Ever since I was a kid, doors have been a slight obsession for me. There is something so beautiful, mysterious, and incredible about the outside, and usually a really good story on the inside. This is absolutely stunning, I even tried looking for it in Burano Italy Via   This is a view I wouldn’t mind …

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