5 Things I have Learned As a Diplomatic Kid That Has Helped Me Deal With Covid-19 Lockdown

When I have told people that I have been housebound before, they are a little shocked. They think my life must have been idyllic, with grand parties, champagne, and hobnobbing. In reality, the countries my parents were posted to were far from that. We were never posted to a country where we could freely take …

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PTSD is more common than people think. Our brains can’t process trauma very well and we have to find ways of working through the trauma we experience, there are ways, but conventional psychology and medication aren’t necessarily the best roots, but I will cover that later. I didn’t really recognize that I lived a different …



Every year it seemed, we landed in this beautiful small robust city. We would fly in from Hong Kong, and stay in the down town core, before heading into the mountains to spend the summer with my Grandparents. Without fail, the city dazzled me with its laid back, friendly feel. The architecture was nothing to …

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self implosion

I just never knew that those lessons my Father had been teaching me would end abruptly before my 20th birthday. This is when my world, my only world, was ripped from under me. I was in University for all of 3 weeks, my parents had just been posted back to Ottawa after 3 years of …

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I was home alone, which was always the case since we moved back to our home base. Mum worked, and of course so did Dad. It was always me and my dog after school. My Father routinely called at exactly 3:30pm to check in. We would chat quickly about my day, and what I have …

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