The Birthday Box

I learned a long time ago, that birthday’s should be a time that you put aside to celebrate you, the way you want them, not wait for others to celebrate you. Mine seemed to land at the most inconvenient time, or at least, that is what I always felt. Being in a diplomatic family, meant …

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Growing up the way I did, I never really felt attached to one particular place, I never felt grounded or secure. I grew up with the feeling that the rug was always about to be pulled from under me with every posting announcement. I have never gone back to the countries I have lived in …

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Full Circle

I am not sure why I decided to say yes, it had been a struggle to get my life back on track after my Father’s death, but there I was, in the building I named “the chocolate cake” when I was a kid. The ugliest building in architectural history, a ghastly chocolate-brown building, that looked …

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