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PTSD is more common than people think. Our brains can’t process trauma very well and we have to find ways of working through the trauma we experience, there are ways, but conventional psychology and medication aren’t necessarily the best roots, but I will cover that later. I didn’t really recognize that I lived a different …


PTSD and Diplomats

Growing up, PTSD wasn’t a thing, I mean, there were always random passing conversations about my Grandfather’s post war condition, and that he suffered from shell shock, but he dealt with it the same way other veterans did, by going to the local pub and drinking with his fellow air force cronies once a week. …

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The Truth

I have always been a little sceptical when I have been given prescriptions for various things. I feel like we have become a society of pill poppers. In some instances, I feel blessed to have access to medication, and yes, I would never deny my child medication of he needs it. That isn’t what I …

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Fence me In

I am not sure when it set in, or how exactly it happened, but it did. Some time after my Father passed away, I started to stay in. Lead would fill my veins, panic would set in, and the outside world became terrifying. I couldn’t move to even sit outside. I stupidly returned to school …

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