Running Forward

  Moving around was never easy, it came with a lot of baggage and consequences. When people ask “where are you from? or what was your favourite country?” I feel like a whole host of conflicted feelings arise, and I never know how to shut down the conversation before it can even start, because once …

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Culture Shock

I remember her vividly, she was an incredible athlete, our star soccer player, but with the worst negative attitude you can imagine. Of course, we didn’t care, we all tried to talk her through it every day. She had her moments where she let down her guard when she relaxed and you could see she …

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It’s hard to describe that feeling of not belonging. No matter how much you try, you don’t really fit  in with any tribe. I have tried, to find who I am, but the years of cold war spook conditioning isn’t easy to beat. My Father was a product of his time, he joined the service …

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Posting Season

While the rest of the population enjoys their summers, diplomats are typically packing and unpacking. I was recently reminded that friends and old colleagues are now moving their lives for their next great diplomatic posting adventure. Some are heading to Africa, or South America, and some are going to a different part of Europe. While …

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I was recently standing amongst a group of adults, and not one person wasn’t complaining. I was taught very early on, not to complain. It would make my Father livid, he would ask how would you change what you are complaining about? For years, I would argue with him, but I learned a lesson in …

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