PTSD is more common than people think. Our brains can’t process trauma very well and we have to find ways of working through the trauma we experience, there are ways, but conventional psychology and medication aren’t necessarily the best roots, but I will cover that later. I didn’t really recognize that I lived a different …


Culture Shock

I remember her vividly, she was an incredible athlete, our star soccer player, but with the worst negative attitude you can imagine. Of course, we didn’t care, we all tried to talk her through it every day. She had her moments where she let down her guard when she relaxed and you could see she …

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Let’s just simplify things a bit, there is a lot of information out there, but my favourite simplification is this, Anxiety is basically having too many feelings, almost like and overload of them all at once. Why is this so important to recognize? Kids suffer from anxiety more than we realize, just sit in a …

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