Over the years, I was taught that gold was too flashy, in the Diplomatic world, you aren’t supposed to be flashy. Naturally, I like gold, and am now a little obsessed, why not! Please follow and like us:

The Banana Clip

There are some fads that I can honestly say “What was I thinking”. I have mentioned that yes, I spent a great deal of time in Asia, and yes, it was many years behind all fashion trends taking place in North America. I can remember it vividly, the idea that my hair could look fuller, …

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Life Mantra

There have been many sayings and quotes that have been stuck in my head over the years, but non seem to ring truer than this one: Many times as a Diplomatic kid, I thought I was being rejected, whether it be from a situation, a play, moving or not making a sports team. It is …

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Mr. X

Over years of travel, there have been a blur of teachers, and only a handful standout. One in particular was an American geography teacher at an International school in Asia. His name, Mr. X (I changed his name for privacy reasons). One of the greatest things about International schools, no subject is off-limits, and most …

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Red Soles

The intricacies of dressing in the Diplomatic world, can be, and often are, bizarre. When you grow up in this strange world, your fashion sense (if you have one), wants to bust out and break dance, but we are talking about the most conservative of conservative dress codes, there is no breakout. I was always …

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