Casual Dining

        When I think about dining as a diplomat, I think of the most formal Victorian era decor, silver, bone china, and everything laid out formally. If anyone can guess, I pretty much detest dining this way, and veer towards a clean Scandinavian esthetic. I love simply, clean, slightly bohemian, and kid …

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Over the years, I was taught that gold was too flashy, in the Diplomatic world, you aren’t supposed to be flashy. Naturally, I like gold, and am now a little obsessed, why not! Please follow and like us:


Ever since I was a kid, doors have been a slight obsession for me. There is something so beautiful, mysterious, and incredible about the outside, and usually a really good story on the inside. This is absolutely stunning, I even tried looking for it in Burano Italy Via   This is a view I wouldn’t mind …

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