I love finding these packing 101 tips via Of course, I love finding other people who do a packing layout for easy light travel. Via love this via Please follow and like us:

Inspiration today

Good morning, It has been an extremely stressful week, no sleep, lots of excercise to keep my anxiety down, and extreme heat, along with a lot of hours at work. So this morning, I decided to sit and stare at my quote wall. Please follow and like us:

It’s all about Doors

My obsession with doors continues, this time, vibrant and bright doors, making me imagine the lives and history behind each! For more door love, check out Door or Art, Doors and of course Door #3, Via Via Via via Please follow and like us:


When I started this blog, I was fortunate to have saved every journal in my life. Which has guided my pieces on experiences in my past. Since I was a kid, I have journaled, chronicling the happy times, the culture shock and the crazy travels. I think it is important to journal, and to be able …

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I am switching things up today, and sharing a few photos one of my favourite places in the world. This is Maduradam in the Netherlands. It is a miniature village, nestled in the Hague. We visit this little attraction every single time we head to the Netherlands. It is absolutely brilliant, and magical. There are …

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Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably one of the most stunning and alluring natural falls. The Canadian side is spectacular, the city however, is tacky, ugly, and can be skipped! We have been several times, but nothing amazed me more, than seeing it frozen! We saw it completely frozen over, visiting in the coldest of winters. It …

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5 New Travel Bags

Does anyone else have an obsession with bags and everything travel? Everytime I find a new bag, I have to book mark it, or pin it. Here are 5 new bags, and cool things to keep organized while traveling. The removable purse pouch, absolute genius! Via Via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:


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