One of my first bosses once said “Every diplomat has  a dragon in the doorway, the key is to know which dragon is hanging out in the doorway.” I ignored it, not understanding what he was talking about. A year into working at Foreign Affairs, I had an Assistant Deputy Minister make a comment about …

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When I find a book that is this good, I must share! This is not a typical cottage light read, but is a must read regardless. As someone who often writes about PTSD, and the strangeness that is the Diplomatic Tribe. Sebastion Junger so eloquently puts a focus on the human need to be part …

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Saying Goodbye

My Father, if you hadn’t already guessed, was British. Every once in a while, he had a little Whiskey, usually when tensions in a country were high, and he needed to have some thinking time. Every morning, over coffee, and getting ready for the day, my Father had the news on, whether it was on …

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The Truth

I have always been a little sceptical when I have been given prescriptions for various things. I feel like we have become a society of pill poppers. In some instances, I feel blessed to have access to medication, and yes, I would never deny my child medication of he needs it. That isn’t what I …

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As my world turned black around me, grief stayed at bay for months, or at least that is what I thought (you can read Cancer’s Prey and CANCER bITES) . Tears didn’t come easily, neither did sleep. Since I had suffered from insomnia for years, I didn’t think any differently, I didn’t recognize my slow decline. …

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It is quiet, dark, and one can hear every single creak in the house, to every snowflake, rain drop, or wind gust outside. That amazing hour that you are completely alone with your thoughts and fears. When it first starts, you wonder what is wrong with you, desperately tossing and turning to find that comfortable …

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