The Banana Clip

banana clip

There are some fads that I can honestly say “What was I thinking”.

I have mentioned that yes, I spent a great deal of time in Asia, and yes, it was many years behind all fashion trends taking place in North America.

I can remember it vividly, the idea that my hair could look fuller, curlier, and bigger. After all, wasn’t I supposed to have bigger hair? The promises were endless, and I would do anything to make my very limp dirty blonde hair fuller. So I subscribed to it.

I broke down and bought the banana clip. It was a nasty shade of green. I thought the green would be lovely, and it would match some of my outfits.

I looked at this thing. I practiced clipping it in. It was slightly too big for my pea sized head. I didn’t care, I would fix it.

I got out the crimper, because, naturally, that is what you do with limp hair. Crimp it. Make it bigger. So 80’s.

I crimped and teased my hair. Then clipped that sad green clip in. I looked at my skills, and took my aqua net, because after all, it aqua net aerosol cans were banned in North America, but not in the country I was living in. I sprayed and sprayed, until I had not only glued my hair, but my eyelashes and eyebrows down.

I headed to school, feeling so proud of the do. As the heat started to set in, the aqua net began to melt, the banana clip began to slide, and down came the hair. Leaving a partially gluey, teased, and crimped mess in its wake.

And that boys and girls, is only one reason to never touch a banana clip.

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