The Day the Bible Flew

It was a morning like every other. Sitting in a pale green room, in the back of the class, starched cotton shirt and pressed wool skirt. The door was open to the outdoors to let a breeze in. I was taller than all the boys and girls, so I was told to sit in the back row of tables and chairs.

My teacher was a skinny, shrill, lady. She seemed to quiver and grow every few minutes. We were working on our reading, she called on me, I attempted to read the black board, the words looked like blobs. I guessed what was on the board, she slammed her ruler on the table in anger, my guess was wrong. I quivered and slid down my chair.

One of my classmates got up, and asked if she could go to the washroom. The teacher got into her face, and said “no”. The classmate, went back to her desk.

Every student sat in absolute silence, petrified of moving or saying anything. Our teacher went back to her desk. We were supposed to work on our writing in silence.

My classmate again went back up to the teacher at the desk. Holding onto her crotch, doing the pee pee dance. Almost crying she asked if she could go to the washroom. The teacher just laughed, and said cruelly “no”. The classmate let out a cry, and a massive puddle had formed on the floor. The teacher, horrified and angry, began screaming at the little girl.

My 5 year old self got angry, and annoyed at the teacher. I screamed back at her, began to get up. The teacher, angry and horrified that I would ever talk back. Grabbed the classroom bible, and chucked it at my head.

Just as she had thrown the bible. One of the female caretakers, more religious than Mother Teresa and just as kind, was at the door, horrified at the scene. The bible had nicked me on the side of the head, my head was bleeding, every kid was sobbing, and my classmate at the front was covered in urine.

The caretaker after quickly praying and crossing herself, moved swiftly out of the room, running across the campus. The next thing we knew, the head master was in our classroom, along with the head nurse and the custodial team. The teacher was removed, my classmate was cleaned up and changed, and I was bandaged up.

We never did see that teacher again. She was removed without a word. Our classroom got a new bible, the old was broken beyond repair.


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