The Golden Arches

When your first 7 years of your life are either in a communist country, where food is scarce, or in a country where you are perpetually sick because it is so dirty, food is not exactly something you get excited about.

After living in Mexico city for 3 years, and being sick with EVERYTHING, known to man, my parents thought it would be a grand idea to drive across North America. I am not sure what my parents were thinking, but a road trip had been something my Father had always wanted. I of course, was bribed with candy, and of course Graval as I got sick in cars.

So, we drove across the Mexican border, which was an experience onto itself. We were in the U.S. driving. and more driving. We stopped at a hotel, and I saw the golden arches…I had only ever seen one commercial, but I so wanted to have a burger and french fries. As soon as I set my sight onto the Golden Arches, I begged my parents to go meet Ronald McDonald. My parents were not sure, in fact, my Father said no, flat out. I begged and begged. Finally, I wore them down.

After having a shower, and changing, we headed across the street to McDonald’s.

It was heaven, I finally felt like I was having a normal experience.

After 30 minutes wolfing down our food, we headed back to our hotel room. An hour later, my Father ran into the bathroom, then me, then my Mother. We began fighting over the bathroom. My Father in between bathroom visits, called the front desk, and asked if there was an extra room available. He somehow managed to leave the room, and make his way to a room down the hall. My Mother and I slept in the bathroom of our room.

After 7 years of not eating fast food, my first experience made me utterly sick! Instead of driving on, we had to stay in the same hotel for a couple of days to recover. My Father never stepped foot back into a McDonald’s, and I took another 10 years before I tried a burger again.

McDonald’s is still not my thing, and neither is food poisoning!

Dip Kid

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