The Sweater

A long time ago, I listened to Meryn Cadell “The Sweater” after a crazy breakup. The breakup wasn’t actually that bad, but it was this album that made me laugh so hard. The Sweater is one of my all time favourite comedy songs.

Just listen to the whole thing, absolutely hilarious and will make your day. You’re welcome.


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5 thoughts on “The Sweater”

  1. Hilarious and so witty – reminded me a little of a more intelligent Kathleen Hanna. I must look this lady up on youtube and see what else she’s done. Thanks, I really needed that giggle today.

    1. You will laugh hard at all her stuff. I am not sure what happened to her, but every once in a while, I break out her stuff for a good laugh.

      1. I googled; she transitioned to male apparently and he no longer makes music as far as I can tell. Youtube’s got some good stuff though. ‘I been redeemed’ made me spit my drink.

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