The Uniform Game

When you bounce around from one country to another, and one school to another, you end up with a yo yo effect of uniforms, no uniforms, to uniforms. It can be a hilarious game, of ugly, vs. really ugly and unflattering.


In U.K, uniforms consist of lovely tartans, wools and blazers, think a little more on the lines of gossip girl, just a little less tarted up. We moved back to Asia, and had to be outfitted for, get this, a horrible grey wool skirt, with a white starchy blouse that hung loosely to the hips. My poor string bean body, was drowning in heavy material, I always looked like a sheep had thrown up on me. The wool was itchy, and unbelievably hot in tropical weather. When the air-conditioning wasn’t working, the wool would stick to the back of your legs, making you even hotter.

In South America, the uniform was a little more relaxed with any type of jean with a very unattractive beige, yes beige polo shirt. Yet again, the polo shirt was made out of flammable polyester, making it so very comfortable and cool during the hot days in classes with no air-conditioning (wink). Sounds pleasant doesn’t it? I loved the fact that the beige shirt was about 2 shades darker than my translucent skin!

Heading to boarding school, I was rather excited that there would be tartan’s in my future, but I soon discovered, that those were reserved for Number 1’s, which was only for special occasions, and heading off campus. On a daily basis it was navy blue cords with a blue or white Oxford shirt. It wasn’t ghastly, but it also wasn’t as attractive as it could have been.

The only great thing about uniforms, was I never had to think about what I was wearing that day, which was always a relief!

Do you have an stories of uniforms?

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