The Walk In

You might have noticed from a previous post, that that I have Closet Envy sometimes.


shoe closet


shoe closet

O.K. so I will admit, I had one, a long time ago, in a house that did not belong to us, in a land that I still hold dear to my heart. It was gorgeous, there were double doors that swung in, and there were 3 sets of dark wood slatted doors on either side as you walked in. It was big enough for a desk, or a bed, or just to do a kart wheel in. This closet waa bigger than all my dorm rooms, and my first apartment. I had no clothes, so, I barely filled 1/4 of one of the double doored closet on the right hand side.

I was 10, I was pretty inventive. One closet opened to what were cubby holes for shoes. I owned 3 pairs of shoes. So instead of shoes. I built my barbies a high-rise. I made little quilts and beds, converted one just for a tiny office. I wasn’t big on barbies, I just liked making cool rooms. In another closet. I kept all of my favourite books, and would sit in the corner for hours reading any book I could get my hands on. Seriously, what does a 10-year-old do with a massive walk in closet.

I loved the space. I would turn on the lights of the closet. Close the doors behind me, and sit in the corner and read for hours. I am pretty sure no one ever really cared what I was doing. I would even smuggle in sandwiches and cake, and sit in the corner to read and eat.

My husband and I talked about all the houses I have lived in, and which one’s I was happiest in. For some reason, that closet brought back the happiest times, I hated the rest of the room, but that closet became my refuge. During storms, I used to sleep in the closet thinking it was safer, when it was too hot to be outside, I sat and read in there, it is funny how much time I spent doodling, and dreaming of what I would be when I grew up in that closet. My Husband laughed, he said now that I have clothes and a massive shoe collection, he could see me happily have an office surrounded by my shoes.

Oh dear, not sure what I have started, because now I can’t stop dreaming of an office surrounded by my shoes! How fantastic would that be.

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