In the strange world of Diplomacy, there are an amazing amount of titles. They go from the ridiculous to the insane. To an outsider, they are taken quite seriously, people are always afraid of not using the right title, and at what time.

An Ambassador is called Excellency, rather archaic, as many Ambassador’s are not exactly excellent, and it becomes even weirder when one Ambassador is hosting a reception, and the greeting line goes something like this “good evening Excellency,”  “good evening, Excellency.”… and it goes on for about an hour, until they leave, and it is “good-bye, Excellency” and “good bye, Excellency.”

Even within an Embassy, the Ambassador, who back home you called him by his first name, you now have to address him or her by ambassador. Dang it is a weird, weird world.

Then there is High Commissioner, and yes, you still address the High Commissioner as such, and he or she is still refered to as Excellency, even if you think they are a bastard.

Then there is the short hand, the Ambassadors house is usually called the Official Residence, but it is shortened to the O.R. which can be confused with Operating Room, although, being in an operating room would be more relaxing at times. In our house the Schedule was called the O.S, Official Schedule, and there would be a weekly itinerary hung up in the kitchen, so everyone knew where the Ambassador was (I.E my Father).

The strangest, is being a child of an Ambassador, and you must address all other Ambassadors by their first names in private, and then address them by proper titles in front of their staff or your Father’s staff. Which can get complicated, so you just address everyone the same way, Excellency Korea, or Excellency U.S. At 10, you can get away with this, as they all think it is cute. At 16, tables turn, you then have to remember every title, including Senator’s, Ambassadors, and so on.

What many don’t realize, is an Ambassador’s title is just that, a title they are given in the country they are posted to. They are not introduced or welcomed back home with the same title when they are on vacation or leave from their posting. Back home, they are addressed by their first name, and introduced in a meeting “currently, posted as our Ambassador to…”

Crazy, yes, but normal in this little world.


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