To sit a la Diplomat

I am kind of obsessed with some of the infographics I have been finding lately, diagrams help! Yesterday, I blogged about Dining a la Diplomat, which covers how to set your table.

And today, it is about how to arrange people.

Sitting arrangements for anything formal dinner can be a pain in the arse. I can remember my Mother almost going into a panic whenever they had to have a formal dinner party. You would be surprised that a faux pas would be held over an Ambassador’s wife for eternity back in the day. This obviously is a simplification, because you have to always keep in mind, personalities. A good host/hostess will keep in mind what their end goal is, for my Father, it was always a side deal, or specific info, sometimes it was a farewell to another Ambassador, regardless, it was always about relationships.



Is this helpful?

Have a wonderful day!

DIp Kid

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