Top 10 Dream Travel Accessories

I have reality, and then there is my fantasy list of things I really want. I am a big believer in getting really good quality items that will last a life time, but some of these items were a little steep for a civil servant, so I always say, one day.

Tegra Light Continental Carry-On, it is slim, narrow, and fits on trains and planes.


Dorilton Slim Flap Brief

Who doesn’t love this fabulous yellow! In all honesty, this is something I have decided to invest in. A good briefcase will last a life time. I love the yellow, it just makes me happy.


I love these, and have 2 sets of them. They are so useful, wash so well, and when you are not using them, they store so well. LeSportsac travel set.

le sportsac

I usually use plastic bags for my shoes, but come on, these are so nice and you can monogram them! Via

Parker Thatch

This is a bag I found a little while ago, it has been haunting me, yes, bags can haunt me. I don’t know anyone who has this, and I have yet to see it in person, but it looks like pure genius. Via


These are packable, if you are like me, you find yourself traveling and finding yourself in the middle of a rainstorm with only an umbrella because your boots don’t pack well. Enter the packable Hunter boot. ┬áthe neoprene leg folds down around the sole of the boot to pack!

Hunter boot

So this isn’t necessarily practical for traveling, as it is a little bulky, but those tiny little buds are annoying, they never cancel out noise, and frankly they make music sound terrible. Beats by Dr. Dre


I am a huge fan of ponchos, it must be because I lived in Mexico, but this one makes so much sense, it is a 2 for 1. It can be a poncho, then a scarf. Practical, but luxurious in cashmere, I believe somewhere, my husband is laughing at this. Via










Does anyone else love big wallets? Traveling for business, or even extended vacations (our idea of traveling now with a child is high-end backpacking, I will explain that one at a later date.) seems to require multiple wallets for various currencies and documents. This crazy big wallet is a Type A personality dream. Metropolitan Black Paddington Travel Wallet. via

travel wallet

I have had cheap versions of this, and frankly, they don’t travel well. Where the heck do you keep your earings, and rings when you are flying? via

Jewellry Roll

So this is my dream list, what is on yours?

Dip Kid







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