Underwear Under Where?

Come on people, you know you where them, you know you hate travelling with them, because let’s be honest, it is almost impossible to find undergarments that you can wash in a flash in a sink.

Growing up, I absolutely hated packing underwear. You know you don’t want your skivvies to be seen by strange guards as they open your suitcase and poke around, while strangers look on… oh, it hasn’t happened to you? Well, it will, at some point. My Mother always told me to pack enough pairs for 2 weeks, yup, 2 weeks! Can you imagine packing for a backpacking trip and packing 2 weeks worth of undergarments?!

Well, over the years, I have managed to find a handful of fantastic brands that I now can live without.

Bras… good gawd, I hate underwires, and refuse to pack them.

  1. American Eagle has some great options. Not only are they cute, but are comfortable and really affordable.
  2. Because I workout, hike and I really like wearing tank tops, I love Victoria’s Secret sports bras. I own half a dozen different one’s. They wash really well, come in cute and bright colours. They dry really quickly, and I love that I can wash them in a pinch in a sink!

3. Shopping for underwear is one thing, finding the right pair for different activities, and different outfits usually makes me insane. My go to underwear for years has been Cosabella. I am pretty sure I owe my love of this underwear to an episode of Oprah and Sarah Jessica Parker. I started finding them on sale here and there, and my collection grew. When I got pregnant, well, pretty underwear and pregnancy are pretty much allergic to each other.  I still wear them, but they aren’t my favourite anymore. They were great to travel with because they washed well in a sink, which seems to be my test for everything!

4. Finding a good pair of underwear that I can not only sweat in, but feel really comfortable in is a stretch. But, I did find something pretty incredible. Under Armour has an incredible thong and bikini bottom that is ridiculously comfortable. I have gone from playing tennis, to grocery shopping, to meetings, and I have completely forgotten that I have a piece of material wedged up my rear-end! Under Armour 

5. My all time favourite underwear is Hanky Panky. I love, love, love this underwear. Not as versatile as the Under Armour in terms of durability for activity. But I have been really surprised how well these have washed when we were in the tropics, and I washed them over and over again! Hanky Panky

Ok, that wasn’t that bad was it?! If you have great brands to share, add them to the comments!


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